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(Emil's Story)    Emil Burke recently moved from Oak Lawn, Illinois a suburb of Chicago to Frankfort, Illinois. (just a little further from Chicago) He started many years ago singing and playing his drums while growing up in Brookfield, Illinois.  One of his first professional bands he played with “The Four Easy Pieces” played numerous weddings and events through the years as well as Jonathon Brandmeier's debut @ FM 98's (the Loop) first radio remote in Chicago aboard “The Star of Chicago”, a huge boat that tours Lake Michigan near Navy Pier.  Emil also performed @ Joe's BeBop on Navy Pier with the band “Bopology.”   Emil was asked to sing at the wedding of Jimmy Brandmeier (Johnny's brother) with the band “ShortCuts.”  This performance prompted Johnny B  to tell Emil on the air the next day "You can really sing I want you to sing at my funeral.”  Looking back, Emil says "I still have all those FM 98 Loop tapes & CD's from all those shows back then, "Getting Old!"
   Emil also worked for Barton Broadcasting in Joliet where he was a Radio DJ for a few years on WJOL. He was also one of the original Master of Ceremony hosts for the (senior) Mrs. America pageant which was held at the Rialto Square Theatre.  He also worked with  numerous local celebrity  greats like Frank O'leary, ("The Voice of Joliet") or Tony Ray, (who past away "God Bless Him") or Andrea Darlis, (now  with WGN TV )  doing many commercials and voice overs through the years, some of which you can still hear on TV and Radio today!

   The birth of "Emil Nitrate,"  it was at another radio show remote we did with Johnny B in Chicago @ "The Hard Rock Cafe" where Johnny started calling me "Emil Nitrate while both of us were playing the drums, recalls Emil."  "It was then that most of Chicago got to know Emil as Emil Nitrate as Johnny and Buzz were now always calling him that On the Air."  Soon "Murphy in the Morning" (Emil was also the “Q101 singer,” ) and a lot of others in Chicago, including "Oprah" started calling  Emil  ("Emil Nitrate.") (Emil also appeared live on Oprah during her joke a minute segments held every April 1
st)  "Those were some We're all Crazy in Chicago really fun filled years!"
   Now teaming up with Dalis, who he has worked with also on so many events through the years, he finds their harmonies together are strong, unique, and amazing! “You really need to hear both of us to believe your ears. We may just have all the hairs on your body standing on end as we sing all those songs you remember from years ago in harmony, as well as a few of our own originals."  Emil says of his latest project..  
Whether it was with a band or DJ-ing or just singing or performing at events like Lia-Sophia, or working with Sears Brand Central or General Motors on their commercials, Emil has been performing in Chicago for quite sometime now.  His personal message to all who visit this page: "I hope to see you all soon as Dalis and I start to perform out together again and hope you will stay tuned to our site here as much more is coming your way, "New Dates and Times in 2024 TBA! "                         All the Best! -  Emil "

(Dalis' Story)   Former Chicago Trax recording artist
Dalis "Rose" Santiago

   Dalis started entertaining in bands at the age of 17. Being accustomed to live performing she enjoyed running a singing telegram company in the early 1980's while putting herself through college. In 1985 she decided to become a DJ and formed Funnsongs Productions, all the  while continuing to write music & get her singing career off the ground.
   In 1987 she scored some success with her "house" hit, "Rock Steady" on Chicago Trax records and briefly toured the east coast.
Since then she has gravitated towards jazz and has collaborated with some of the best talent in Chicago.
   She is currently performing at various venues in the Chicago area and married to music producer Nelson Santiago.

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